business card software, label maker, greeting card creator, flyer, letterhead, address labels, envelopes, name badge program Print address label, cards and more.
Get data from MS Excel, MS Access and print on your labels!

Small Business Publisher - Video tours

Video 1 - A quick user guide.
Shows basic steps of designing your publishing work. Start with a blank design, adds text, shapes, graphics, design colors.
Video 2 - How to use your database(MS Excel, MS Access).
Shows how you can connect your MS Excel/Access file to get data, and use that data to print labels, or postcard, name badges, envelopes etc.
Video 3 - Design and Print Catalogs/Booklets.
Shows how to design catalogs and booklets. Catalogs are generally 8, 12, 16,...(multiples of 4) pages. You should print on both sides of your sheet and fold in the middle and stack the pages to create a booklet. One sheet will contain 4 pages.





Business Cards Designer
Small Business Publisher
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