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Add your logo and clip-arts

You can add any number of graphics; for example, you can add your company logo, your small-sized product picture, or any picture that will identify your business or make your business card professional and attractive.

To insert a picture:
1. Select "Picture" tool button or Insert->Clip-Art menu.
2. A file selector window will appear. Select your image file and click Ok.
3. The image will be placed on your design, now click and drag the picture element to reposition.

You can also go to its properties page and modify its size, position, tilt angle etc. You can resize your image to a desired size. After resize, you can fix the aspect ratio (width to height ratio) based on width or height as needed.

Another advanced features is: you can make your logo or clip-art partially so the other elements below it will be seen through.
Belltech Business Card Designer Pro supports a wide variety of image file formats - JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG and WMF.

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