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Add ready-made shapes

You can insert many shapes to your business card design, such as Rectangle, Round Rectangle, Circle/Ellipse, Diamond, Triangle, arrows, callout, sun, star, explosion etc.

To insert a shape follow the same steps as for Text.
1. Select the appropriate tool from the shape-bar or from menu Insert->[the shape].
2. Click on the design area where you want to insert the object, or click on the area and drag to create it and then release your mouse button.
3. Double click to go to it properties page and change the pattern, color, size, tilt angle etc.
See illustrated samples of shapes that can be added to your business card.

Partial Transparency/Opacity

This is an advanced feature of the software. When you place different shapes or images on your design, you notice that the top element hides the elements below it. But with partial transparency you can make your top object partially transparent, so the element below it can be seen through. You can make your design elements or your logo or any graphics partially transparent or opaque between level 0 – 255. Go to the properties area (in the right side) of any element and use the slider to adjust transparency. See illustrated picture.
0=Fully Opaque, 255=Fully Transparent

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